IGP Enterprises, LLC was founded on the premise of introducing golf products to the marketplace that acquired innovative and industry changing components.

FLIGHTPATH Golf Tees, IGP Enterprises’ first product, introduces a revolutionary new concept to the golf tee market that will change the way the game is played from the tee box. 

This concept is simple, if the golfer is only hitting in one direction at any given time, then why not maximize the performance benefit of a golf tee in that direction?

No longer will golfers be subject to golf tees that have no knowledge of their pre-determined path of flight. Now, with the aided information of the golfer’s desired direction, FLIGHTPATH Golf Tees can provide the golfer a path of least frictional resistance.

FLIGHTPATH Golf Tees are a performance golf tee that assumes the direction of ball flight, direction of the arrow, and uses this information to reduce the frictional resistance in that direction both laterally and centrally to provide the golfer longer and straighter tee shots. Other performance golf tees attempt to reduce friction in all directions, which limits their ability to provide maximum performance to the golfer.



Simply set the arrow of your FLIGHTPATH golf tee in the direction you are aiming in and swing on to the path of least frictional resistance. Maximum frictional resistance reduction is achieved with your FLIGHTPATH golf tee in the ground at 90°, but can be tilted back slightly for added stability should you desire it. You know you’re aiming for the fairway and it’s about time your golf tee knows it too!