IGP Enterprises Announces Launch of FLIGHTPATH Golf Tees

A new standard in golf tee technology has arrived. We, at IGP Enterprises, are pleased to announce the official launch of the FLIGHTPATH golf tee for online purchase! Taking the golf market’s eye by storm, the FLIGHTPATH golf tee is redefining a tee’s impact on a golfer’s game. There is no longer any reason to buy regular golf tees that will add no value to your game when you can take the same swing with a FLIGHTPATH golf tee and hit it farther and straighter. Proven through robotics testing to reduce ball spin, the FLIGHTPATH golf tee eliminates the distance robbing friction of a regular golf tee and sets your ball on its maximum flight path. Just set the arrow of the tee in the direction you are aiming and swing on to the path of least resistance. This innovative product is changing the game of golf and raising the bar for those who wish to unlock their true potential. Now is the time we STOP fighting physics, and START greeting fairways.

3 thoughts on “IGP Enterprises Announces Launch of FLIGHTPATH Golf Tees

  1. BRUCE BIGGS says:


    1. DWhalen says:

      Hi Bruce,
      Thank you for your question. We are currently selling FLIGHTPATH Golf Tees here on our website. Our first official marketing exposure took place this past week at the PGA Merchandise Show with great success! We hope to be in pro shops and stores near you very soon! Please follow this link to see our presence at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7vA9XOf-hU

  2. Holly says:

    These golf tees rock!!!!!!!!

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