FLIGHTPATH Pro Endorsement Wins 2018 World Long Drive Championship!!!

Maurice Allen, who endorses and has found the competitive advantage using FLIGHTPATH performance golf tees, won the Volvik World Long Drive Championship held August 30 – September 5 at the WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, Ok.  Allen beat Justin Moose with a 393-yard strike on his final attempt in the final.

Allen has been using FLIGHTPATH performance golf tees in practice and competition since the beginning of May.  FLIGHTPATH’s patent-pending tee design reduces frictional resistance, both laterally and centrally.  This minimizes ball spin, increases directional control and increases distance.  These properties are significant for long drive professionals who have to launch eight drives “inside the grid” within three minutes of competition.

“With my FLIGHTPATH tee I’m aimed at keeping the ball in the grid,” explains Allen, “Cause if you’re not in the grid, you can’t win.”

“We designed a special elongated pink FLIGHTPATH golf tee for Maurice for the World Long Drive Championship, said Daniel Whalen, President of IGP Enterprises, manufacturers of FLIGHTPATH.  “The head has a directional arrow built into the design and has been proven to reduce ball spin, increase directional control and distance through robotic testing.  Maurice’s improved accuracy and best world ranking since joining the Tour in 2011 is proof.”

Take your driving accuracy to the next level with FLIGHTPATH performance golf tees.  FLIGHTPATH tees conform with the Rules of Golf.  To order visit www.flightpathgolftees.com or contact Daniel Whalen at 305-439-1137 or dwhalen@igpenterprise.com.